Welcome to Student Portal!!!

You can access student portal to know your academic performance, time table, earned credits, financial details etc.

SRMIST students can login with NetID credentials. (i.e If your mail id is abcd@srmist.edu.in,your netid is abcd & password will be e-mail password) )

Other SRM Group students can login using your Register number/StudentID(you may get it from your admission letter and receipt), with your date of birth [Format ddmmyyyy E.g. 03121990 for First time. And for subsequent logins you can use your set credentials.

If you are a Parent and this is your first login, you must use the 15 digit Register number of your ward and prefix it with letter P (Caps). Eg. PRA14131234567890 and use your password / Default password (Date of birth of Son/Daughter [Format ddmmyyyy E.g. 03121990]) for first time.

You will be prompted to change the password the first time you login and keep a note of this password for your subsequent logins.

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